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Built on Beer

Explore Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky's brewing legacy from past to present. Originally published in the Cincinnati USA 2014 Official Visitor's Guide.

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Craft in a Can

In 2002, Oskar Blues Brewery did the unthinkable—they put their craft ales and lagers in cans. Back then, cans were the provenance of only cheap and novelty beers. Today, it’s a different story. Many ...

Fifty West Brewing Company

The historic homestead on Wooster Pike (U.S. 50) just east of Mariemont—the old Heritage Restaurant—sat vacant for years. Then three locals and a Cleveland transplant moved in with tanks, taps, and a ...

Gluten-Free Beer

For some, the simple pleasure of a cold pint triggers gut-wrenching pain. People with celiac disease can’t digest the gluten proteins found in barley, the grain of choice for brewing (and the only gra...

Keeping It Together

Paul Favorito of Wellington Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine is using a new technique to stop shoulder dislocations and speed healing.

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Lenten Liquid Diet

Lenten Liquid Diet

Priming the Pump: Aortic Valve Surgery

There’s never a convenient age for heart surgery. But at Good Samaritan Hospital, J. Michael Smith is using catheter-based procedures to repair the hearts of older patients just in the nick of time.

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Rhinegeist Brewery

Reanimating a cavernous old brewery with positive vibes.

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Domestica Magazine

Old School Summer Sweets

Cincinnati's tastiest retro confections.
Copyright © 2012 by Domestica Magazine. All rights reserved.

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Domestica Magazine

Craftswoman on Main

Profile on the owner of Smartfish, a sustainable Cincinnati shoemaking studio and art supply store.

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Domestica Magazine

Brewing Dreams

An insider look at Cincinnati's oldest craft microbrewery.

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Domestica Magazine

Hit the Hardcourt

Feature on the burgeoning Cincinnati bike polo scene.

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Long Weekend: Bloomington, Indiana | City Guide

The 1979 award-winning flick Breaking Away took Bloomington's love for bicycles to the big screen, and it wasn't all Hollywood hype.

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Smitten Magazine

Real Wedding | Elizabeth Ann + Peter

Editorial on Lake Tahoe nuptials. Find the full spread at Copyright © 2012 by Smitten Magazine. All rights reserved.

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Smitten Magazine

Real Wedding | Meghan + Andrew

Waxing poetic on a chic Southern California wedding. Find the full spread at
Copyright © 2012 by Smitten Magazine. All rights reserved.